The Frank Family That Survived

The Frank Family That Survivedfree The Frank Family That Survived, The Frank Family That Survived pdf, The Frank Family That Survived pdf free,The Frank Family That Survived pdf download, The Frank Family That Survived epub, The Frank Family That Survived ebook, The Frank Family That Survived read online, The Frank Family That Survived pdf download, The Frank Family That Survived epub, The Frank Family That Survived kindle, The Frank Family That Survived Mobi – Read The Frank Family That Survived By Gordon F Sander Told By The Grandson Of The Head Of The Family, This Is The Gripping Odyssey Of Another Frank Family From The Deceptively Good Life Of Berlin In The 1920s, Through The Rise Of Hitler And Their Flight To Apparently Safe Holland, The Nightmarish Ordeal Of Their Thousand Day Long Submersion In A Small Apartment In The Hague, To The Joy And Pain Of Liberation And Their Final Journey To America, The Same Route Anne Frank Might Have Taken Had She Not Been Betrayed Based On Personal Testaments, Records, And Family Interviews, The Book Describes Their Life Behind Closed Curtains In Constant Fear Of Discovery In 1945, After Many Adventures And Appalling Vicissitudes, They Finally Emerged To Face The Uncertainties Of Postwar Holland And The Promise Of The New World Both A History And A Memoir, This Extensively Researched Book Gives The First Account Of The War In Holland, The Occupation, And The Resistance Including The Jewish Resistance To Be Published For Several Years Despite That Resistance, And The Help Of The Dutch Citizens Who Sheltered Their Jewish Neighbors, Most Of Dutch Jewry Was Destroyed. I was not so enthusiastic when I started to read this book Oh, please, another Holocaust novel, I said to myself This is my 5th and I thought that I started to hate spending hours reading another 300 page book about the atrocities perpetuated by the Germans However, Tata J said that I should read this book after THE HIDDEN LIFE OF OTTO FRANK by Carol Ann Lee to which I gave 4 stars so just like a dutiful younger brother, I obliged.He is right The reason is that this book is encompassing, better researched and has details both in micro and macro levels Micro means what transpired inside 14 Pieter van den Zandestraat where Myrtil Frank family hid but also what was happening outside even to the level of Hitler and Joseph Goebbels The book also managed to present the parallels between Otto Frank and Myrtil Frank s families in terms of their experiences as onderduikers hiding Jews Gordon Sanders covered what happened to Otto Frank Edith, Margot and Anne while he extensively covered what happened to Myrtil Flory, Dorritt and Sybil The first family who hid in Amsterdam perished except Otto while the second who hid in Hague all survived I believed that there must be a hand of God working somewhere because Anne Frank s diary became famous though she died This Sander s book is not as successful as the diary though the Myrtil s family did not die.However, I should not read one Holocaust book
Apart from the family history, or as told alongside the family history a great detailed account of the Dutch governments actions and the Dutch jews during the war I really got a sense of the times and the climate An unusual history lesson of what was happening in a country people think of in
I bought that book second hand at the Lifelife book fair It should be interesting after having already read The Diary of Anne Frank the complete edition , visited the house now a museum in Amsterdam many years ago, and recently watched a dramatisation of Anne Frank s story on DVD. You can find my review in Portuguese on the link below One of the best books I ve read on the Holocaust Excellent description of events in Holland Everyone should read it.

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