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It is so hard to figure out why a book will resonate so greatly with some, and not others This book is a case in point, it has garnered some terrific reviews, but there were some plot points that were for me, not realistic A young Chinese woman disappears after returning to the Netherlands, when the grandmother that helped raise her, was dying Although her parents lived in the United States, Sylvie herself lived in the Netherlands for her first nine years Her younger sister, Amy, who thinks Sylvie perfect, flies to the Netherlands to find out what happened to her sister.In alternating chapters we hear from Amy, Sylvie herself and their mother Changing views of Sylvie are revealed from her own words There are many family secrets, and a suspected hidden treasures passed down from mother to daughter Jealousy, and its ill effects, an ugliness that spreads The struggle for immigrants to ass
Four full, surprising , heartbreaking ,mysterious ,twisty, tearful stars A real well written novel questions so many important issues from immigrant problems to partly racism, discrimination, from devoted love hate sisterhood relationships to childhood crush, from inequality between men and women at work places to a husband s betrayal and abuse It s a real gripping story, told by two sisters and mother As soon as we read mother s part, we realize that their own daughter s have no idea about her feelings, her past, her anxiety about future They don t know the real her And both sisters seem like having a tight bond between them, they re jealous of each other Mother s language is Chinese, Amy s is English and Sylvie s is Dutch So mother and her daughters are literally having real communication problems It s not hard to see they keep everything bottomed inside and don t share with each other And when Sylvie is disappeared, Amy realizes she doesn t know her sister any Sylvie is separated from her husband and before she was leaving for Netherlands to her important job task, she was actually fired and she left the country to see her dying grandmother who has raised her till she is 9 As long as I keep reading I wish Sylvie could be found or she could have her HEA I know it was too optimistic approach because this is heartbreaking, thrilling an
I m between 3.5 and 4 stars on this one so I ll round up.This was a compelling story about a Chinese immigrant family and the struggles they go through to create a life for themselves in a new country where, despite their best efforts, they never truly feel that they belong Sylvie Lee is the beautiful and successful older daughter who was sent off to live with her grandmother and her cousin s family in the Netherlands when she was only a few months old despite being reunited with her parents when she turned nine, the time away unfortunately had a lasting effect on Sylvie s relationship with her parents especially with her mother Amy Lee is the baby of the family only 2 years old when Sylvie returned to her parents, Amy s timid and shy nature contrasted sharply with Sylvie s bold and fearless personality, yet the two sisters developed an unbreakable bond To Amy, Sylvie was her fiercest protector, a sister she adored and looked up to and, in some ways, became of a mother to her than their own parents, who were constantly absent due to work One day, after flying back to the Netherlands to pay their dying grandmother one final visit, Sylvie vanishes without a trace Distraught, yet determined to find her sister, Amy flies to the Netherland
I found Searching for Sylvie Lee an enthralling, thought provoking and emotional read This book combines gorgeous, literary prose with a powerfully suspenseful plot As the characters navigate multiple languages and cultures, and the web of relationships that holds them together grows complex, the novel s insights about family, culture, gender and love rise to the surface, surprising and delighting the reader The book begins as Amy discovers that something has gone terribly wrong with her gorgeous, successful older sister Sylvie and embarks on a journey to try and piece together the mystery As Amy traces Sylvie s footsteps across the world to the Netherlands, the country in which her sister was raised for the first few years of her life, she begins to uncover secrets and deceptions with far reaching consequences for
Many thanks to William Morrow for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to one s own Willa Cather Searching For Sylvie Lee is of a family drama than a thriller While it did have its unsettling scenes, I felt that this novel went deeper into family and siblings than the mystery itself Though it was, in my opinion, marketed incorrectly, it was still enjoyable Sylvie Sylvie Lee is the perfect girl that almost everyone is jealous of She s a straight A student She gets along with everyone and always dresses impeccably She has not a problem in the world Or does she While Sylvie appears to have her sh t together, she is actually struggling just as much as many other girls her age The pressure from her family is hard enough but she is also trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life This combined with her interesting love story made for an interesting, albeit slightly annoying, character Amy Amy feel
4 complicated family relationship starsThis complex book is chronicled by two sisters Amy and Sylvie and their mother I hardly know how to start to explain this one This Chinese immigrant family has ties to the Netherlands and New York Sylvie was raised by her grandmother and other relatives in the Netherlands before she is reunited with her parents in New York at age 9 She never quite feels at home anywhere and has developed a beautiful successful persona that she hides behind Her grandmother is dying, so Sylvie heads to the Netherlands to say goodbye and then mysteriously disappears.Amy begins the desperate search and ends up finding deep family secrets Amy wants to track down her beloved older sister Sylvie and the suspense builds as we read about Sylvie s time reuniting with family and old friends before everyone loses track of her.I enjoyed the chapters narrated by the mother and it becomes clear that her daughters don t know her very well In fact, the whole family seems to hold things in reserve and keeps secrets There is also the complicated theme of identity and this family never quite
Sylvie Lee is a successful, beautiful woman Her younger sister, Amy, idolizes her When news reaches them that their grandmother is dying in the Netherlands, Sylvie flies there to be with her Sylvie grew up in the Netherlands Her parents were too poor to take care of her when she was born and sent her to live with her grandmother and the Tan family Sylvie didn t return to the US and her parents until she was 9 years old But now Sylvie has returned to the place she thinks of as home But Amy and her parents become deeply upset when Sylvie disappears and they are unable to get any answers as to what happened Shy Amy must find the courage to go find her sister Her search for Sylvie uncovers long concealed family secrets.The book fluctuates between chapters detailing Amy s search for Sylvie and Sylvie telling her story starting a month earlier when she leaves for the Net
SEARCHING FOR SYLVIE LEE is a beautifully written novel that left me thinking of the problems facing immigrants or anyone who is trying to fit in Told by two sisters and their mother, this book is about a heart breaking tragedy which occurs when family secrets are re
Kudos to Jenna Bush Hager for picking another winner This book is beautifully written, I felt I knew each character well, there was definitely a connection The setting is the Netherlands, and Jean Kwok s description of the environment and culture gave me the experience of being there The author does an excellent job of making you aware of some of the many problems immigrants face, I will think on this in the future There are many twists and turns that kept me guessing, and

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