Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2)

Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) free Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) , Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) pdf, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) pdf free,Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) pdf download, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) epub, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) ebook, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) read online, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) pdf download, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) epub, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) kindle, Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) Mobi – Called To The Homicide Of A Dallas Criminal Lawyer, Detective Remy LeBeau Stares At A Scene That Drags Him Back Into His Past To Another Murdered Lawyer In New Orleans A Case That Put Remy On A Collision Course With Death.Cody Lewis Struggles With The Horrific Memories Of Her Kidnapping And The Need To Numb The Pain The Battle She Puts Up Causes Her To Avoid Remy And Their Undetermined Relationship But The Flashbacks And Nightmares Are Proving Potent Than Cody Thought And She S Having A Harder Time Resisting The Cravings For Alcohol.As The Case Takes A Turn In Revealing A Professional Assassin Is Behind The Death, Remy Begins To Make Decisions That Could Cost Him His Job And Cody Because The Deeper He Sinks, The Closer The Enemies Of His Past Come To Finding Him. This is the second installment in the Degrees of Darkness series, starring Cajun detective Remy LeBeau and barrel racer Cody Lewis They re making progress, but so many secrets still stand in the way of their happily ever after.You can read this one on its own, but you ll be missing a lot of the layers that make it so awesome As usual Remy has secrets than the CIA, and they ve already taken people he loves The secrets are pushing Cody away at a time when she needs Remy than ever Her descent into an alcoholic binge is particularly well done and doesn t pull any punches.But what comes after that descent, wow You have to read it to find out why there s a burning house on the cover, and who th
The second installment on the Degrees of Darkness series doesn t disappoint In fact, it heightens the readers interest and puts into place all the background information gleaned from the Relentless Retribution picks up right where Relentless left off Can you read this one without having read Relentless Yes But, I wouldn t recommend it If you do, you ll miss much of the background information that makes everything fit together and intensifies the plot Cody and Remy are becoming comfortable with their relationship and have put of a label on it They still are not a traditional couple by any means Each of them has too much baggage for that In Retribution, Remy s past rears its ugly head big time What lengths will he go to in order to protect Cody Will he ever realize that she isn t Marie There are many questions answered in this one, but just as many either left unanswered or come to light Again, the intrigue is high, the characters are intriguing, and the inter
I read Relentless which is Book 1 in this series and absolutely loved it I even have a little girl crush on the author for writing such an amazing story After reading Retribution, I am in full blown stalking mode.I LOVED Retribution Seriously LOVED it And Remy LeBeauno words are spectacular enough for this man.I was never big on the romance suspense mystery genre but oh how I am singing a new tune now Winter Austin is a writer who can weave a story of suspense to the level of building it piece by piece that you are actually on the edge of your seat chapter by chapter And when she has you on the edge of that seat, she swoops back in and completely knocks you right off with surprise after surprise that you are reeling from the multiple layers she is tossing you as she leads you in to her world.Winter Austin s ability to tell a plain old good story is justwondrous.I was completely engaged with the characters They were written in such a way that they were real Flesh and bone real I continually think about them I know them I can feel their emotions Did I mention Remy Lebeau Yes I did but he is definitely worth the redundancy.Jeepers I loved his character Alpha
It s getting HOT in Texas Find out how hot in Retribution Book 2 of the Degrees of Darkness Series, a romantic suspense by author Winter Austin.In Retribution, Winter Austin continues the story where Relentless left off Dallas Detective REMY LEBEAU is determined to keep his horrific past from ruining his future with CODY LEWIS He wants to protect her from an evil he refuses to tell her about Cody doesn t have time to deal with Remy s elusiveness She is battling her own demons, post traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism Neither is willing to let the other see his her weaknesses While Remy and Cody can t seem to completely give over to trusting each other, their hearts are entwined too much to allow them to let the other go Add a murder with ties into another murder all too familiar to Remy with a hired assassin who takes great pleasure in tormenting and stalking him and the ride gets wild.Cody is not the only person Remy refuses to confide in His partner, Detective HEATH ANDERSON, knows there is than Remy will tell yet his professionalism and respect assure that he will still have Remy s back when he is needed.When the assassin attacks Cody s best friend, KIM GREGORY, PTSD pu
Retribution is the second book by Winter Austin that I ve been fortunate to read If you haven t read the first book, Relentless, I would recommend that you do Otherwise, you will miss a good story and depth of understanding in this second installment of the Degrees of Darkness series Retribution continues the story of Remy and Cody I love this story It s believable, logical, and gripping Here s a quote from the book Fear coiled in the pit of her gut, and its venom slithered through her veins I still get chills read this line The characters are deeper Cody is struggling what happened to her in Relentless don t want to give away any spoilers in this or the previous book which is realistic instead of having her swoon into the hero s arms Remy is pursued by his past and the dangers draw into a dramatic conclusion with his and Cody s life pitted against a professional assassin
I loved Retribution This is book 2 in the series and yes, I whole heartedly recommend you read Relentless, the first book, before diving into Retribution Although the story in Retribution does stand on its own two feet with an individual plot and conclusion, it is the continuation of a larger arc including the love story between the hero and heroine Ms Austin has a complex story to tell in full while continuing the already established larger arc a challenging relationship between Remy and Cody and setting up the next book in the series She does all of this in fine style, which I m finding to be her norm I had a hard time putting this down I was irritated with interruptions while I was reading The conclusion was satisfying but left me anxious for An excel
If you thought Relentless was good, wait until you read Retribution Winter Austin upped the stakes in the 2nd book in this series with not only a roller coaster romance between two hurting, stubborn people, but also revved up the danger to the characters Remy is dealing with issues from his past, and Cody is struggling with PTSD from her run in with a killer Remy finally says no and takes an active stand against a murderer from his past while Cody struggles w
This is the second book in this series and you need to read Relentless Cody is struggling to find herself and get back to who she was prior to the kidnapping With all that she has been through at the hands of a killer, I am surprised she is as functional as she is Remy has been battling demons and secrets of his own and they are starting to catch up to him The tension that rages between these two characters is intense and passionate Winter has managed to create beautifully
Full Review posted on Book Lovin MamasI am intrigued now about Remy s partner, Heath Anderson I found out something about him that made him even interesting than Remy I want to know about him.I give this book 4 full moons and highly recommend it to romantic suspense readers out there.I look forward to the next book in the series
A great follow up that I enjoyed even than book 1 I was happy to see some of Remy s secrets finally revealed, and it was interesting to see him face some of his past The mystery suspense was great, and that is what keeps me h

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