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Bomber County free Bomber County , Bomber County pdf, Bomber County pdf free,Bomber County pdf download, Bomber County epub, Bomber County ebook, Bomber County read online, Bomber County pdf download, Bomber County epub, Bomber County kindle, Bomber County Mobi – In Early June 1943, James Eric Swift, A Pilot With The 83rd Squadron Of The Royal Air Force, Boarded His Lancaster Bomber For A Night Raid On M Nster And Disappeared.Widespread Aerial Bombardment Was To The Second World War What The Trenches Were To The First A Shocking And New Form Of Warfare, Wretched And Unexpected, And Carried Out At A Terrible Scale Of Loss Just As The Trenches Produced The Most Remarkable Poetry Of The First World War, So Too Did The Bombing Campaigns Foster A Haunting Set Of Poems During The Second.In Researching The Life Of His Grandfather, Daniel Swift Became Engrossed With The Connections Between Air War And Poetry Ostensibly A Narrative Of The Author S Search For His Lost Grandfather Through Military And Civilian Archives And In Interviews Conducted In The Netherlands, Germany, And England, Bomber County Is Also An Examination Of The Relationship Between The Bombing Campaigns Of World War II And Poetry, An Investigation Into The Experience Of Bombing And Being Bombed, And A Powerful Reckoning With The Morals And Literature Of A Vanished Moment. I have been reading books about war for several months now, probably to make up for never having personally had to be in one Matterhorn, War, The Things They Carried, On Killing, The Winds of War, War Made Easy to name some reading this year Bomber County is the latest entry into the war category and is unique in its effort to focus on bomber poetry Daniel Swift tries to mix too many issues into one book The author definitely deserves a heartfelt Good try for digging up a lot of information I am glad that I read the book and it highlighted some new information for me and made me think Maybe I just need to find the book that covers bombing in the 20th century I think the story of Swift s search for his grandfather could be plenty good by itself.Bomber County is Lincolnshire in eastern England and is the location of dozens of RAF bomber airfields from World War II It is closest to Holland and then to Germany Bomber County is where the bombers left from and where they came home to This is an example of an oasis of storytelling in a book overloaded with too much analysis and too many tangents There were clouds this evening in Bomber County, and at 1800 the meteorological station at Mildenhall, north east of Cambridge, recorde
I recently read Daniel Swift s Bomber County The Lost Airmen of WW2 on the strength of its title and, an interview I heard Swift give on the ABC Sydney, Aust I began reading this book with great enthusiasm but by the end I found myself feeling rather angry I have three main issues with this book I find the title, Bomber County The Lost Airmen of WW2 to be opportunistic, misleading to say the least and, in the extreme dishonest Swift jumped on the name when he went to the 57 Sqn reunion at East Kirkby and obviously thought it would make a good title for his book The book however, if you dissect it, has less to do with Bomber County and lost airmen It is rather, a treatise on the poetry of WW2 and the morality of the bombing campaign Swift of course is entitled to discuss these topics but he cloaks them in his grandfather s story which, as I got further into the book seemed an excuse for the book and, while it is craftily woven into the fabric of his narrative the focus is far from what the title promises The other thing I began to pick up on as I read was the overall tone of the work which I thought was subtly demeaning towards the airmen who served in Bomber Command and especially those who died.He refers to the airmen as bombers , in a way that totally dehumanises th
Daniel Swift is a Professor of English at Skid College in upstate New York He is British, and a graduate of Oxford He is in his early 30s His book has two central goals to discover the life of his father s father, a pilot in the Royal Air Force during World War II,who died during a mission over Germany in 1943, and to review the quality of the poetry written during World War II Mr Swift mentions early on that WW2 is not thought of as having produced the quality of poetry that was written during WW1.Often accompanied by his father, who lost his father when he was four, Mr Swift, through frequent travels to areas associated with his grandfather s service in the RAF, and together with impressive, prodigious research, presents us with not only a biography of his grandfather, but also a fairly thorough, if concise, review of the war years and their effect on both England and Germany He interweaves short biographies of key literary figures of the era Stephen Spender, Randall Jarrell, TS Eliot, James Dickey, Virginia Woolf with glimpses of the history both macro, as it would appear in contemporary and recent account
Easily deserves five stars though quite understand that others will disagree.The author s paternal grandfather James Eric Swift a Lancaster bomber pilot with 83 Squadron of the Royal Air Force, took part on a bombing raid over Munster in June 1943 He went missing, his body was later recovered from the North Sea, and he was buried in The Netherlands with full military honours He was married with two young children.The author describes his travels with his father , around the Lincolnshire airfields, and to Germany and to The Netherlands to learn about his grandfather s death Fascinating tale in its own right..but the book merges the family research with a background material about the RAF bombing raids over Germany along with cultural history World War 2 poetry is used as a significant reference point In fact the author stresses that The Iliad was the first war poetry Films and plays about World War 2 somehow get drawn into the text and examines to get a whole wider view of
The literature of World War II has seen countless books covering just about every aspect of war imaginable, though few, if any, explore the poetry of air bombing Using as his starting point a visit to his grandfather s grave and uncovering the man s story through documents, interviews, and histories, including W G Sebald s On the Natural History of Destruction, Swift succeeds in combining memoir, history, literary criticism, and biography no easy matter I think I wanted to tell a story, and my grandfather was available he writes, and he nimbly juggles the two very different parallel story lines Although the story could
When I was in high school, I really loved the war poets of WWI despite being a completely unpoetic soul Daniel Swift looks at the poetry of WWII and the bombers in particular as well as the story of his grandfather who died on a bombing mission in June 1943 I didn t find the poetry that interesting, and according to Swift, it isn t really that great What was interesting is the public view about the bombing and the bombers During WWI, people died at the front During WWII, civilians died from bombing e.g the blitz, Dresden in addition to soldiers on the various fronts The bombing had two purposes bombing specific facilities that aided the war, and dampening the morale of the citizens So the bombers were never really reg
Although the Swift family knew that their grandfather died with his crew piloting a Lancaster bomber over the North Sea in 1943, it was a vague historical anecdote until the author s father was seized by a midlife obsession with finding out The book follows them to the Netherlands, where the bodies washed up, to Munster, where survivors talk about what ha
excellentI finished BOMBER COUNTY THE POETRY OF A LOST PILOT S WAR by Daniel Swift a few days ago Swift recounts his search for closure on the death of his grandfather, the pilot of an RAF Lancaster that went down over the Dutch north coast in the summer of 1943 Sebald, Jarrell, Ciardi, James Dickey are referenced as well as the popular culture, accounts of the devastation of Hamburg Dresden, and the history of
A great book which looks closely at the experiences of being a pilot in Bomber Command in WW11 The book charts the author s search for his grandfather s life history during this period to his death off the coast of Holland following a night raid over Germany A fascinating story linking poetry to events to highlight what it may have felt like to be a bomber p
It s very odd to watch the author grappling with the imaginative significance of the bomber, with the poetry of the heavy bomber, and to see him having so much difficulty with it To me it s fierce and clear, and it s his thoughts and conclusions that seem ghostly by comparison, slipping out of my fingers without making sense Having said that, it was fascinating to watch him make the attempt It made me think things I hadn t thought before And the poetry itself, and the story of his

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